FORKLIFTS CUYPERS was founded in 1966 by
Staf Cuypers and his fiancée Liliane. 

Staf was the youngest of 7 and as a farmer’s son, he was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps until the expansion of the port and a golden tip by Liliane’s uncle steered his life in a new direction. From one day to the next, Staf decided to rent out forklifts on the docks.

He quickly realised that fast and accurate service was the key to success. The port kept growing and FORKLIFTS CUYPERS grew right along with it.

Lieven Van Hoylandt joined the firm. His technical prowess enabled him to design numerous attachments that facilitated the loading and unloading activities in the port, making FORKLIFTS CUYPERS the rental partner in the port.

Marc Cuypers was hired shortly after. His technical-administrative skills boosted the company’s overall performance and made the service even more efficient.

As it turned out, Lieven and Marc are a perfect match. Together with the rest of the FORKLIFT CUYPERS staff, they will continue to lend colour to the port for many years to come.