A machine that stands idle is not profitable. With our 24/7 service we see to it that our customers can remain operational at all times.

In every intervention we decide whether to repair the machine in situ or deal with the problem in our garage, thereby providing a specially adapted solution for every problem. This means the port remains operational and goods can always continue to be loaded and unloaded in a timely fashion.

Technical department

The port is very unpredictable. One day just a few ships might come in, but the next day there might be more than 50. That means a heavy workload and calls for considerable flexibility on the part of our customers.
CUYPERS VORKLIFTEN’s technical department responds to this by always being ready with a swift and efficient service. We provide the right forklift and attachments so that our customers can react perfectly to constantly changing circumstances.

Maintenance and repairs

We subject our machines to in-depth servicing and fine-tuning, and protect and strengthen them where necessary for the purposes of preventive maintenance. However, in a harsh environment such as the port they do on occasions nonetheless suffer breakages or failures. If that happens we always react quickly and appropriately with a customised repair.
What’s more, the considerable uniformity of our machines means that a customer can flexibly exchange some attachments for others.
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